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Audio Transcription Prices

15.00 per hour
10.00 minimum charge

How to approximate the cost of transcribing a recording

Several factors can impact how long it will take to transcribe an audio recording.

As a guide, if the recording is of good audio quality, between two people and they speak clearly it takes approximately three times the length of the recording to complete the transcription.

So if the recording length is 1 hour then the approximate cost would be:

1 hour = 1 x 3 (hours to transcribe) x 15.00 = 45.00

An alternative approximation is 0.75 per recording minute:

1 hour = 0.75 x 60 = 45.00

Factors which can affect costs
  • number of people involved
  • speed at which people speak
  • quality of the recording
  • any special formatting requirements

Although these factors can add to the cost, they can also decrease it - you will only ever be charged for the amount of hours worked.

Please Contact Us to discuss your specific audio recordings and requirements, and we will give you a personal guide price.

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